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Flavored chewable probiotics supplements are palatable and digestible. They provide an easy means of ensuring that the digestive system maintains a healthy balance of good bacteria, otherwise known as flora or good microbes. The intestines need good bacteria to function naturally in a healthy way.

Probiotics tablets will melt in the mouth, are chewable or are easily swallowed. Usually they are sugar-free and they are a convenient way for children, who are at least 2 years of age, and for adults to receive the recommended dose of 100 million live “lactobacillus reuteri Protectis bacteria” on a daily basis.

The human intestinal system is naturally rank with bacteria – both good and bad. Antibiotics, often prescribed to rid the body of the bad bacteria when illness strikes, do not discriminate between good and bad bacteria. Arguably, antibiotics are good for humans in that they are designed to kill off bacteria. Hence, every course of prescribed antibiotics kills off the all the bacteria in our intestines, usually with the result of severe cases of diarrhea.

It is commonly acknowledged today that the major amount of our protein sources, for example poultry and meat, are being directly or indirectly fed with antibiotics. It is also well-known that processed foods are chemically treated or irradiated so as to preserve the product’s shelf-life and to inhibit bad bacterial growth. When all bacteria is knocked out of processed foods, our modern diets are intentionally rendered almost completely sterilized.

The swing to fast food and prepared food is causing our bodies to lose the ability to fend against bad bacteria through natural digestive processes. Modern diets are seriously lacking the natural bacteria found in raw foods, such as fresh fruit and vegetables and unprocessed or organic meat. In turn, the digestive tract cannot produce the good bacteria it requires for proper digestion to fend off disease.

As a result, our modern bodies need to thrive on substances which are unable to provide the means to process food naturally. Good bacteria is needed to flourish in the intestinal system so that human beings can maintain healthy, properly functioning bodies. The human intestinal system needs good bacteria to encourage proper digestion and for maintenance of its own health and to keep the immune system well tuned.

Nature has designed humans to function with good bacteria in order to fend against illness such as urinary tract infection, constipation, colitis, diarrhea resulting from the flu, allergies and eczema. A recommended dose of daily probiotics supplements will introduce the right amount of flora, (good bacteria), to the intestines to promote and sustain good health.

Flavored chewable probiotics supplements are beneficial for children and adults when taken regularly. They will provide a flavorful means of keeping the individual body, the collective human body and the entire body of health care systems in a generally healthy condition.

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Many people have doubts about the safety and efficacy of probiotics. It is a subject few have researched or even want to consider as a true medical practice. However, if one looks at the facts, it has been shown in studies to have a great deal of medical benefits, and can be a great help in the areas of both treatment and prevention. The following are just some of the ways it can help.

Reducing Lactose Intolerance

Certain bacterias are active converters of lactose into lactic acid, so they can greatly help people who are lactose intolerant. They are not a complete cure to the problem but can greatly increase the amount of lactose one can ingest.

Colon Cancer

Colon cancer has been shown to be less prolific in those using probiotics. It appears that this is a cause of their capability to block cancer-causing enzymes in the digestive tract.

Keeping the Heart Healthy

Bacteria can speed up the process of waste breakdown in the intestines, allowing less of it to be reabsorbed in to the bloodstream as cholesterol. An added effect to lowered cholesterol is lowered blood pressure, also supplemented by the same bacteria being able to produce certain inhibitors.

Preventing Sickness

Certain studies have indicated that individuals who use probiotics get sick less often and can fight off infection easier. This appears to be caused by the harmful bacteria having to compete for space with the helpful bacteria, and therefore not able to breed as effectively.

Reducing Inflammation

Probiotics can tamper with parts of the immune system to a small degree, and have therefore had effectiveness in reducing inflammation that causes certain diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease. The same effect, though, has not been shown on external inflammation like eczema.

The safety and efficacy of probiotics is not very well known, but it would be well worth it for more people to consider as a serious prospect. It can be a great way for one to stay healthy, and a more natural alternative to drugs and medication. Of course, a doctor should always be consulted before making any medical decisions.

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Probiotics Side Effects

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To learn more about the many benefits of probiotics, achieving a healthy digestive system, learning the importance of  increasing the amount of gut flora by ingesting probiotic supplements on a daily basis.

To greatly improve your digestive system and overall health the two supplements needed most are  digestive enzymes and probiotics.  The right supplements will naturally include trace minerals.

Known Side Effects of Probiotics  You SHould Be Aware Of
by Frank Burns

What are the probiotic side effects? A good question to consider for those interested in the taking of these supplements for their health benefits. It is in the best interests and safety of the individual and the group to know the type and severity of the problems that can occur while taking them. Fortunately most of the known effects are moderate and have a short duration.

Some of the problems associated with probiotic use include digestive complaints, gas, and bloating. One reason for this, especially the increase in gas, is that the growth of microorganisms in the digestive tract and its associated activity are on the rise.

The cycle of microorganism growth and its increase has as a side effect an increase in the production of gas. Once this particular growth reaches a balance in the body the gas production will subside. Unfortunately until this balance is reached the gas will have to be expelled through flatulence, burps, and belches. Especially if foods that are known to be rich in probiotics is added to one’s daily diet as well.

Digestive issues are also among the known sided effects. They include what is known as excessive drainage syndrome, which occurs if a high concentration of foods or supplements containing probiotics are introduced into the diet too quickly. As a result the digestive and immune system are kicked into overdrive. The consequences of that are known to include constipation, headaches, bloating, and diarrhea.

Alleviation of the above complaints and problems can be achieved through the temporary reduction of the intake of probiotics. The body is thus allowed the time to accustom itself to its effects. After that the dosage can be gradually increased to a level that has been recommended.

Those with immune systems that are compromised can experience side effects that are more severe. Infections, whether fungal or otherwise, can occur. Skin rashes, fever, and bloody stool are common symptoms of an intestinal infection. Thus it is probable that it may not be safe for certain individuals to incorporate probiotics into their diet.

Probiotic side effects for the most part are moderate and are of short duration. Therefore they are deemed an acceptable inconvenience for the benefits gained. For some though the risks of severe problems is not and as such should not be taken.

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